Grab your students’ attention with functional yet fun gamification software

Are your students disengaged and uninterested? Are you running out of ways to make lessons fun? Have you given up on trying to motivate and inspire them?

Teaching young children is difficult! Even the most interesting of topics can be lost on those who would rather be hanging with their friends or at home playing video games.

All hope is not lost, though!

Here at Henesys Studio, we have experience in gamification to motivate and educate your students in a fun, engaging way.

Working with early years, STEM, K-12 and preschool children, we have developed many educational games to suit each school’s curriculum while making the learning process fun for young ones.

From historical battlefield VR simulations to visual scripting games, our software design and development services can help you re-engage your students in no time at all.

With child-friendly 2D, 3D, VR and XR software, we design and develop child-friendly games that educate children about coding, history, writing and more to develop skills such as timekeeping, decision making and more.

No matter your needs, we promise stress-free project management and a dedication to high-quality game design and development.

Are you ready to re-engage your students?

If you are in need of building custom gamification solutions for your early education business, contact us by sending us a message using the chatbot in the bottom right of the website, or send us an email to Simply leave us your contacts. We will get in touch with you within 24 hours. Or schedule a meeting now.

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