Case study of our portfolio projects

EdTech Gamification ABA Curriculum Educational Game

Mana ABA: Educational Game for Kids with Autism

EdTech Gamification AAC Program Gamified Software

ELD-AAC: Communication Therapy EdTech Software

Augmented Reality Marketing Campaign

Coca Cola Dreamworld AR Markeitng Campaign

Augmented Reality Mobile Educational Game for K-12 STEM Education

Augmented Reality Educational Game for K-12 Math Education

Virtual Reality Tradeschool Worker Training Simulator Program

VR Professional Training Simulation

XR Soluition

Alibaba XR Kiosk Soluiton

3D Educational Game for Early Coding Education

3D Educational Game for Coding Education

Virtual Reality History Education

Immersive VR History Education Program and Innovative Learning Experiences

Virtual Reality Gallery Tour

Immersive VR Gallery Tour for Art Education

Parent Children Card Game Gamification EdTech Solution

Children Equity Coalition: Parent Children Card Game EdTech Solution

Game Design and Development

Dreamsail: 3D Game Design & Development

Virtual Reality Tour Experience

VR Educational Tour For School

XR EdTech Solution for Pharmaceutical Company

Naked Eye 3D Corporate Educational Tour for Medical Products

Virtual Reality Educational Tour EdTech Solution

3D Animal World Simulator for Biology Education

Game Graphics Character and UI Design

Graphic Design Portfolio

Children Action Game

Children Projector-Based Action Game

Virtual Reality Professional Training

Virtual Reality Professional Training For Mechanical Engineering

K-12 EdTech Gamification Solution

Career Preparation Educational Game For Teenager

3D Platformer Game Development

3D Platformer Game Development

2D Logic Training Game For Kids

2D Logic Training Game for Kids

2D Logic Training Game For Kids

2D Block-Based Logic Training Game for Kids

Virtual Reality Software Console for Medical Practice

VR Control Console for Medical Pratice

Flower App EdTech Solution

Flower Encyclopedia 3D App