Focused on unrivalled customer service, clean project management and a dedication to quality, Henesys Studio is setting the gold standard in software design and development with the specialization in gamification solutions.

Launching in July of 2020, Henesys Studio is a software design and development studio with a difference. Dedicated to delivering the best gamification solutions with world-class technology, Henesys Studio stands apart from the crowd with its unrivalled attention to detail.

Henesys Studio is dedicated to designing and developing the very best gamification solutions for businesses. From stunning visual effects and virtual realities to web development and app development, Henesys’ mission is to offer the best gamification solutions in the market.

Henesys Studio has proudly worked with clients in education, healthcare, gallery, training, design, publishing, and more industries to develop gamification solutions.

Henesys Studio’s mission is to streamline and enhance each client’s business process with an advanced gamification solution tailored to their business needs. Whether this be developing engaging and educational games or designing interactive user interfaces, Henesys Studio can help. Find out more about the range of services here.

“It has been amazing to work with Tommy and his team as Henesys Studio. We produced a product for students with autism spectrum disorders, and it has been such a pleasurable experience filled with team meetings, idea brainstorming sessions, and really productive sessions to make the app happen. And since post production, Tommy and his team has been really diligent about meetings, blogs, social media, putting together all information for press releases. I'm happy I chose to work with them, highly recommend! ”

Susan Varsames, Founder of Holistic Learning Center of Maui

Where it all began

Henesys Studio has a wealth of experience under its belt thanks to its founder and team. Henesys Studio started with the mission to provide gamification solutions to businesses in industries that are looking to embrace modern and innovative solutions.

How gamification can help businesses

From user-friendly products to onboarding training, many processes within businesses can seem painfully difficult to manage. They can also burn an unnecessarily large hole in the pocket.

Statistics show that well-designed gamified software and programs improve efficiency and productivity within the workplace. Designing and developing gamified software helps to streamline business operations and make each step more cost-effective.

But there’s no one-size-fits-all. Every business is different, and each piece of software is personal. That’s why Henesys Studio delivers tailored solutions that are bespoke to each business.

Why Henesys Studio?

The expert team at Henesys Studio have one clear mission: to help businesses gamify their products and services with custom solutions that upgrade their customer experience to the next level.

Henesys Studio is dedicated to design and develop gamified software. The solutions can solve problems for businesses in the field of early education, corporate training, gallery and exhibition, publishing, and more.

Henesys’ range of solutions can also make life easier for businesses and their customers. With 3D virtual galleries, educational games, virtual reality training programs and other initiatives, customers can easily access the tools and information they need to succeed. Portfolio can be accessed here.

How it’s going

The labor crisis is making it more difficult for business owners in many countries to hire designers and developers in-house.

Though this has hit many businesses hard, it’s only helped Henesys Studio. Their design and development team are ready to work on new projects without delay.

Henesys Studio is truly flourishing thanks to its dedication to understanding its clients and overdelivering on all expectations.

What to expect

Henesys Studio is more than just a business. Henesys proudly work with clients to develop tailored gamification solutions that totally transform businesses in many industries.

Henesys Studio states, “As a part of the bespoke service, each client will receive an in-depth consultation that allows Henesys to fully understand your specific needs. We then build a customized gamification strategy that’s best suited to you and your business.”

Henesys Studio expertly uncovers the needs of each client and creates an in-depth action plan to meet each client’s needs. More information can be found here.

About Henesys Studio

Henesys is a software design and development studio delivering gamification solutions such as 3D and VR training programmes, educational games, 360 tour solutions and gamified book reading experiences for professional, educational, and training purposes.


Henesys Studio


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