Alibaba XR Kiosk Project

Helped Alibaba Sunnyvale deliver an internal testing XR project

About the Project

Alibaba XR Interactive Kiosk

In 2021, we helped Alibaba deliver an internal project which integrates Extended Reality (XR) technology into a kiosk with Unity, to allow the customers to pre-experience certain products sold by merchants. The machine even delivers physical sensations.

With the help of a projector and hand detector system, we may project a 3D model onto a platform to create a naked eye 3D effect, and detects when the hands are interacting with the projected 3D model (based on the hands location calculated by the hand detectors), so new animations for product demos will be triggered and played, as the customer interacts with the naked eye 3D projection using hands.

Naked eye 3D technology requires special equipments, typically corporations with larger budgets can absolutely benefit from the advanced level of interactivity created only by the best and most cutting edge technology.

  • Date

    September 20, 2021

  • Client Name

    Alibaba Group

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