Immersive Engine Repairing Professional Education

EdTech solution for professional education and training

Gamification EdTech Solution For Professional Training
Educational Walkthrough of a Car Engine

Project Overview

Through collaborated efforts, we helped a tradeschool build a educational experience to train entry level students on basic knowledfe about car combustion engines.

We developed the interactive features to allow the trainees to interact with the featured parts of the car engine, and show them necessary animations to explain how the conbustion engine's numerous mechanisms work.

From 3D asset design, to game feature implementation, we worked closely with the client to make sure this software will serve genuine educational purposes, and help them automate several in-person training sessions with an effective EdTech solution.

Nowadays, gamification solutions for education is on the rise. If this EdTech project speaks to you. Don't hesitate, contact us now, schedule a discovery meeting with us, and let us help you build the perfect immersive gamification-based EdTech solution your organization will benefit from.

  • Date

    December 24, 2021

  • Client Name

    PKM Productions