Children's Equity Coalition Card Games for Home Education

Strengthening Parent-Child Bonds Through Digital Gamification

Educational Card Games for Parents and Children in Early Education
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Educational Card Games for Parents to Play with Children in Early Education
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Project Overview

In a collaborative effort with Children's Equity Coalition, a non-profit organization in Arkansas, we embarked on an exciting journey to digitalize a parent-child card game based on the existing physical card game they designed. This initiative aimed to transform the organization’s existing physical card game into an engaging and interactive digital experience.

Through discovery calls and conferences, we understand the purpose of this project is to enhance the traditional card game to enhance the traditional card game into a digital format, fostering stronger bonds between parents and children. We focused on strategizing an effective gamification approach, ensuring an enjoyable and intuitive user experience.

Our comprehensive services spanned from conceptualizing the gamification elements to developing a user-friendly web app. This digital platform was tailored for easy access by parents, complementing their purchase of the physical card games.

This project exemplifies how digital gamification can enrich educational tools, making them more accessible and enjoyable. If you’re considering a similar transformation for your business through gamification-based EdTech solutions, we invite you to connect with us. Schedule a discovery meeting with us today to explore how we can bring your vision to life!

  • Date

    August 2, 2021

  • Client Name

    Children's Equity Coalition