Coca Cola Dreamworld

Proudly supported Coca Cola's massive dreamworld AR marketing projects as one of the vendors for design & development

Coca Cola Dreamworld London Tube Advertisement
Coca Cola Dreamworld Advertisement in London Tube, taken by Tommy Xu on October 20
Coca Cola Dreamworld London Tube Advertisement 2
Another picture taken in London Tube
Augmented Reality Development with 8th Wall
Promo Image from Coca Cola Official Promotional Campaign

About the Project

In 2022, we served as one of the vendors who helped built Coca Cola's massive marketing campaign called "Dreamworld", by contributing design and development efforts in regards to frontend of the Augmented Reality software made with 8th Wall.

The project as of itself is a testiment of the application of AR design& development in terms of building an interactive solution which allows anyone with a smart phone to scan the Coca Cola can using their phone camera and experience the Coca Cola Dreamworld.

The potential of AR and similar cutting edge immersive technologies unlock is unlimited. 8th Wall, as a web-centric JavaScript-based AR solution allows any business to create an extremely accessible and intuitive immersive experience, whether a promotion, showcase, exhibition, or educational experience for their busienss needs.

  • Date

    September 20, 2022

  • Client Name

    Subvrsive & Coca Cola

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