3D Story-Based Game Development From Sketch to Implementation

The showcase of game design principles combined with execuational capability from us

About the Project

In 2022, we helped DreamSail Game manage the gameplay programming side of their venture of a new 3D story-based RPG game. In the process, we worked with their designers to turn their design ideas into funcational scripts and features.

3D Game Development Service

The project is overall more complex than most of our past projects due to the sheer complexity of scripting an open world RPG game. Unlike educational games, which are typically based on a educational curriculum with a procedure.

3D Game Development
3D Game Development

To implement the correct gameplay "feel", physics and player control mechanisms for the characters, we worked closely with the designers at DreamSail Games to manipulate the models and character physics.

Game Inventory UI Development

Our abundant experiences with integrating analytics and performance tracking systems for the EdTech solutions we build for clients come in handy when it comes to designing and developing the advanced inventory system with integrated database solution for this game. Players' movements, decisions, items and skills are recorded and updated instantly real-time.

We utilized Google Firebase with Unity to host all the play data safely, and manage the data efficiently. Speaking from the technical perspective, the backend database solution we designed and developed for this game is the applicable when it comes to building advanced students performance tracking and data management systems for EdTech Solutions.

  • Date

    August 1, 2022

  • Client Name

    DreamSail Games

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3D Game Development
3D Game Development
3D Game Design
3D Game Design