3D Flower Wiki App For Education

Informational Applications with Intuitive User Experience to Showcase A Variety of Flowers

Project Overview

3D App Prototype Demo

We partnered with a media company in Utah to revolutionize flower education through a 3D educational mobile app. This project aimed to provide an engaging and interactive flower wiki browsing experience, combining education with entertainment.

Our team was deeply involved in the creation of this innovative app, handling everything from the design of striking 3D assets to the development of a user-friendly interface. We also crafted a robust database solution and incorporated game-based features to make the learning process more dynamic and enjoyable.

The app showcases our streamlined process of creating an educational solutions that offers modern and fun educational experiences, by incorporating the most advanced technology and aesthetic art and design, along with intuitive user interface and experience for users of all ages.

If the idea of transforming educational content into captivating digital experiences resonates with you, schedule a discovery meeting with us, and let's discover the best gamification based EdTech Solution for your organization!

  • Date

    August 2, 2020