History Lesson Made Live with VR Immersion

Proudly helped a German institution turn the Battle of Leipzig lesson into a playful experience

History Lesson Oil Painting Battle of Leizpieg
Oil Painting of Battle of Leipzig
3D Level Design
3D Level Design To Replicate the Town in the Game Engine
VR History Lesson
VR Experience with Oculus Quest 2 Headset

About the Project

A client from Germany who worked with us on previous projects came to us again with a new proposal of helping a local early education institution turn a history lesson into a Virtual Reality tour.

We turned the battle of Leipzig, Germany, between Napoleon's French army and the allies, into a Virtual Reality experience.

The process was straightforward. First, we created the 3D level design to replicate the overall streeview of the city of Leipzig. Then, we added in all the game features to create an immersive experience for students to experience the battle "first hand". And we helped the client install the app on their local Oculus Quest 2 devices.

Nowadays, VR for early education is on the rise. If this project creates sparks in your mind, or you already have similar ideas in mind. Don't hesitate, contact us now, schedule a discovery meeting with us, and let us help you build the perfect immersive EdTech solution your students will love.

  • Date

    February 2, 2021

  • Client Name

    MBS Production