Mana ABA - Holistic ABA Curriculum, Gamified!

Dive into the design and development process of gamifying an Applied Behavior Analysis program


Susan Varsames, lifelong special educator, and the owner of Holistic Learning Center in both Hawaii and New York, has been working with us to bring her renowned ABA program to life as an interactive experience on the App Store and Google Play, with our custom gamification solution.

The project of Mana ABA served as a stepping stone for us to venture into establishing our footprints of creating world-class gamification solutions for special education institutions who still rely on traditional teaching methods and educational tools.

The Challenges

Susan worked with us with a clear vision: to create a gamified educational tool that could replicate the nuances of ABA therapy while keeping students engaged.

The challenge was multifaceted: understanding ABA therapy's intricacies, designing an intuitive game interface for young learners, and integrating data tracking for educators.

Mana ABA Curriculum for Autism Education

Our Solution

We embarked on a collaborative journey with the Holistic Learning Center to develop Mana ABA. This involved delving deep to understand ABA methodologies by working closely with Susan and her team. The first goal was to learn how autistic children think and how traditional ABA programs and teaching methods, like their curriculum, help these children. I also aimed to understand the methodologies behind traditional autism education programs.

To address Susan's core challenges, we first achieved a deep understanding of her methodologies through multiple Zoom meetings. We then crafted a detailed blueprint to design the software and an execution plan to develop Mana ABA. This was based on aligning their ABA curriculum and manual with our expertise in educational technology and software design and development. Throughout the process, we kept our goal at the forefront - to create an immersive game that captivates young minds while facilitating learning.

  • Date

    October 20, 2023

  • Client Name

    Holistic Learning Center of Maui

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Mana ABA Educational Game for Special Education
Mana ABA Educational Game for Special Education
Mana ABA Educational Game for Special Education
Mana ABA Educational Game for Special Education

Design and Development

Mana ABA was meticulously crafted as an interactive experience, incorporating ABA therapy's principles into its core gameplay. After learning all the nitty gritties and insights of the ABA curriculum Holistic Learning Center offers in Maui, Hawaii, and New York, we proposed and crafted the exact types of interactions and optimal gamification plans for each task in their curriculum.

Mana ABA Educational Game for Special Education

We designed a user-friendly interface, suitable for children with autism, focusing on simplicity and visual cues. The interactions we created for this app primarily focuses on visual cues, combined with tap, drag-n-drop, and simple gestures. The game included a variety of scenarios and exercises that mirrored real-life ABA sessions provided by Susan and her company for decades.

Analytics Feature for Performance Tracking and Insights

The Mana ABA project features an advanced analytics system, a cornerstone of its functionality, designed to track and record each student's performance in detail. This system meticulously logs students' errors and calculates the rate of correct answers, providing educators with a clear picture of each learner's progress.

This crucial data enables educators to monitor the efficacy of ABA training, identifying areas of strength and those requiring further attention for each student. By offering these insights, the analytics tool becomes an invaluable asset for educators, allowing them to adapt the ABA training to the unique learning patterns and needs of individual students.

This tailored approach not only enhances the learning experience but also supports the educators in making informed decisions to optimize educational outcomes. This analytics feature is a testament to Henesys Studio's dedication to developing EdTech solutions that are not just interactive and engaging, but also incredibly insightful and supportive of both students and educators in the special education realm.

Mana ABA Educational Game for Special Education
Mana ABA Educational Game for Special Education
Mana ABA Educational Game for Special Education


Mana ABA revolutionized the learning experience at Holistic Learning Center. It bridged the gap between traditional ABA therapy and digital learning, providing a fun and effective educational platform. Teachers at Holistic Learning Center in all their locations reported increased engagement and improved learning outcomes, while parents noticed a positive change in their children's attitude towards learning.

The success of Mana ABA is a testament to Henesys Studio's commitment to innovative EdTech solutions. By understanding the client's unique challenges and integrating their methodologies into a gamified format, we created an EdTech solution that was both technically sound and educationally effective. Mana ABA stands as a model of how thoughtful design and technical expertise can come together to make a significant difference in special education.

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