Industry Leading K-12 AR Educational App

Proudly worked as one of the vendors who helped build selected math mini games for McGraw Hill

K-12 STEM Educational Game
K-12 Math AR Game
K-12 STEM Educational Game
Math AR Game Activity
K-12 STEM Educational Game
AR Math Game Roadmap

About the Project

In 2022, we proudly helped McGraw Hill build multiple selected AR Math game activities with other software outsourcing companies, in a collaborative effort to construct this comprehensive award-winning AR Educational Tool made for K-12 Education. Due to NDA, we are only using the app demo images from their official site for exhibition purposes.

This revotionary AR educational tools blazes the frontier of integrating advance immersive technology such as Augmented Reality in mass education, and build both visually stunning and functionally useful gamification-oriented EdTech solution.

  • Date

    September 1, 2022

  • Client Name

    McGraw Hill School Education

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