Children Action Game

Projector-based in-person children game

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Immersive Child Friendly Game
Immersive Children Game Panel
Interactive Children Game Demo
Interactive Children Game Demo


Among numerous Edtech projects, we had an interesting solution for a company to create a projection-based innovative children action game. The mechanism is depicted

The game built for this client was aimed at creating immersive and action-based children games, so children don't just stare at the screen, they play physically.


The main challenge was how to create the right distance for gameprojects to enhance player experience.

As the games offered by this clients are mainly projector based games that require projector and a stage for the children to play on as a playground.

Children Action Game

Creative Solutions

Many companies today are seeking innovative solutions to solve the increasingly prevalent issues among children with symptoms such as ADHD. And immersive technology indeed has been a key solution to many of modern prolems of children.

Children Action Game Hardware Configuration Blueprint


Interested in creating creative games for children? Schedule a meeting with us today, and let's discuss what how we can help with your business tech solutions.

  • Date

    June 2, 2021