VR Sewage Worker Training Simulator Program

Impactful remote professional training program with VR during COVID


During the COVID lockdowns and disturbance of regular work schedule, remote training became a big trend in many industries.

We collabrated with Immersion 360, a VR company based in Montreal, Québec, Canada, on a comprehensive VR training simulator to train sewers and test their knowledge remotely with Oculus Quest 2.

This project has been a signature project when it comes to our premium EdTech Gamificaiton solution created dedicated to solve the client's educational and training challenges.

The Process

The mission of this VR simulation is simple:

  • 1. Immersive "Hands-On" Training Activities Based on In-Person Programs
    Immersive Virtual Reality Training Simulation Program

  • 2. Immersive Knowledge Exams and Tests
    Virtual Reality Training Program
  • Strictly based on the real-world training guidelines, we helped the client build all the hands-on practices in the virtual world. The immersion of the training experience is revolutionary, as the trainee can pick up and use the meters, tools, and all related tools sewage workers would use in the real world training scenario. This allows genuine training results and progress.

    And the immersive exams and testings allow the trainees answer questions in the 360 degree photos taken at the training facilities with realistic setups.

    Mana ABA Curriculum for Autism Education


    This project stands as a pinnacle example of how EdTech solution involving advanced immersive technology such as Virtual Reality doesn't have to be a stunt, a gimmick, but a genuinely impactful solution to the real world educational challenges. As the client used this this software for professional training during lockdowns, by merely sending the Oculus Quest headsets to all the trainees.

    • Date

      February 2, 2021

    • Client Name

      Immersion 360

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