The Looking Glass Custom Hologram Solution for Medical Product Exhibition

We worked on a custom Hologram naked eye 3D immersive experience made for The Looking Glass for Viscira in 2020. The immersive exeprience was made to be shown in the client's medical conferences to demonstrate how their clients - pharmaceutical companies' medicines interact with cells in human body.

The project was developed with Unity, the hardware for the exhibition involve both The Looking Glass and Leap Motion Controller.

The uniqueness of this app is that the 3D animation scene will be displayed on The Looking Glass, an advanced device that displays gameobjects in a 3D view to the naked eye, as a Hologram experience.

The input controller is managed by Leap Motion Controller, a small device that detects hand gesture movements and sends corresponding signals to the Unity app. Various animations and product demonstrations are triggered and displayed according to the hand gesture movements detected by the Leap Motion Controller.

  • Date

    September 22, 2020

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About the Project

After conducting the needed research for our clients, we overcame the challenge of the blurry display of the 3D objects and calibrated the UI layers for a clear UI display on The Looking Glass. Physics and 3D math are some of our strongest expertise that were utilized to a great extent in developing this project.

The Looking Glass stands as a cutting edge Hologram projector that offers accessible and gorgeous naked eye 3D visuals. When we worked on this project, The Looking Glass was primarily utlized only in industry scenarios, for showcasing, exhibition, or promotional purposes.

As technology and the development support grew over the past 3 years, The Looking Glass can be utilized for both personal and commercial use easily. For a business that wants to showcase anything with the most visually appeasing hologram technology, The Looking Glass may be a perfect option.